In January of 2005 the amazing DJ Rob Swift showed off some of his turntablist skills with a performance and talk in Kaneohe, Hawaii. I videotaped it all for videotic deconstruction, and aired some of the results on the Hawaii public access TV show Videotics (#100). Mix 4 was edited in August 2011.

The four video mixes are each about 10 minutes long and except for some feedback imagery used in keying effects, all video and sound [which remain linked throughout] derive from this video shoot at the Kaneohe performance. They are nested experiments in manipulation of time, inspired by the distorting algorithms both of scratch, and of musique concrete.

Mix 1 is straightforward audio of Rob's turntablism. The video follows the audio but has been videotified.

Mix 2 uses footage from and similar to that in Mix 1, but now the analog videotape is manipulated by hand. The result has been described by an imaginary child as a lot of weird noise.

Mix 3 takes Mixes 1 AND 2, and overlays multiple simultaneous video and audio versions.

Mix 4 uses versions of Mixes 1, 2, AND 3 but now further
temporally manipulates the already analog-time-deranged tracks using non-linear editing software.

OK, it does seem only Mix 1 is properly hip hop Rob's fans expect and deserve. So as a sweetener Rob here includes an original half hour EP cd mix of his unreleased music and tracks available elsewhere only as downloads!

Rob Swift AKA Robert Aguilar is one of the great turntablists, an alumnus of the X-Men and the X-ecutioners, winner of the DMC East Coast title, and collaborator with Herbie Hancock, Blue Man Group, Fat Joe, Cypress Hill, Bob James, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, and others. His many fine cds are widely available. His website is at

-Mike Landau, 8/11


1. Introduction featuring Supa Dave

2. Fabric Of An Orchestra
*Courtesy of Scion Radio 17 Host EP: Rob Swift – Sketches of the Architect (2010)

4. Ready To Rock? featuring The Professionals

5. On The Strength featuring Gudtyme

6. Soul Cut featuring The Professionals

7. Guitar Funk featuring The Professionals

8. Feeling Good! featuring The Professionals

9. BASS featuring The Professionals

10. Boss Of The Cross
*Courtesy of Scion Radio 17 Host EP: Rob Swift – Sketches of the Architect (2010)

11. It's Like...

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